Stay Organized with the Outlook Journal

Hello everyone, do you want to know about Outlook journal. Then you are in the correct place because here I am going to describe how to organize yourself with Outlook Journal. So let us find out answer to the question i.e.  what is journal in Outlook?

Microsoft journal holds records of daily activity that can be related to messages, task requests, meeting requests, meeting responses, task responses, calls, etc. It records the information like the email send and receive by you for selected contacts, meeting requests, responding and cancellation, track the documents on which you work and task response and request. All of these activities you can track automatically by using Outlook Journal. It is very important for anyone to know about the work and the time spent by them on a particular document. So to record all these activities you can simply create a Journal and follow the activity without expending much time on it. You can create a new Journal entity for specific tasks by filling small information such as start, company type, starting time along with date, duration and notes and also update existing Journal. After creating a journal you can view it by category, such as Entry Type, Contact, Category, Entry List, Last Seven Day etc. Even you can change the view of your journal in calendar type by which you can see it in week/month/day format.

There are many advantages of using Outlook Journal you can track all your office activity such as track call, meetings, acceptance of invitations of your colleagues and many more. It records the time duration of your work. So if you are working hourly based then it simply generated a report based on hours that you spent on office. By using journal you can save your valuable time.

How to record items in journals?

Initially launch your Outlook application and go to File tab and click on options. After clicking on it you will find Notes and Journal option, just click on Journal option. You will get automatically record these items list, chose the check box that you want to record automatically. I hope you have grabbed some idea about what is Journal in Outlook? To know more about it follow this link.