Recover Lost Files from SD Card

You can easily lose files from an SD card when you have accidentally formatted the SD Card.  This happens when you are trying to format another drive and accidentally you delete the files from SD card. Now that you lost the files, you need not worry, because Remo Recover application helps to recover lost files from SD Card. The application easily recovers all the files from the SD card. The application has the ability to restore images, music files, RAW images video clips etc.

Before you learn how to recover lost files from SD card, you have to know the causes of file loss. Apart from accidentally formatting an SD card, how else can one lose files from an SD Card?

  • Ejecting an SD Card abruptly, that too without any backup.
  • Interruptions when transferring files from SD card to a system.
  • Corruption of an SD card due to improper usage.

Remo Recover tool is designed to restore files and data from SD Cards which were lost due to any scenario. You just need to follow few steps. You can recover files even when the SD card shows RAW or any formatting error.

Mechanism Of Remo Recover

The software retrieves lost files or data from a Secure Digital just by following simple steps. It scans the SD card completely and restores lost data easily.  The scanning method is so deep that the application extracts all the files from the SD card. The software has user-friendly GUI, and at the same time provides guidelines to make the recovery process easier.

Apart from all this, the software not only recovers lost file from an SD card. The software comes in handy when files go missing, deleted, corrupted or even damaged from a hard disk, external USB drive, iPod, FireWire Drive and much more. The application works to recover photos and media from the camera of any brands such as Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Olympus, Sony etc. Recovery from microSD, SDIO, SDHC, SDXC are also easily possible.

How to Recover Lost Data from SD Card?

  • Download and run the software Remo Recover.
  • Connect the SD card from which you lost files to the system using a card reader.
  • When the installation is completed click on the option Recover Photos to start the SD card lost file recovery.
  • Now click on the option Recover Lost Photos for lost data recovery from sd card. The tool will display all the drives on your system.
  • You can select your SD card, and click the Next button. The scanning process will begin. Ones the scanning is completed all the files will be displayed.
  • Select the files that need to be retrieved and hit the Save button.

If you face any technical issues, the technical team is always there to support you.