Inbox ScanPST Repair Tool for Windows 7

Windows 7 is an outstanding operating system developed by Microsoft Company. It is user friendly and is integrated with advance features and support. This operating system has gained such popularity that every individual make use of this OS for official and personal use. In fact for official work concern, employees make use of Outlook application in Windows 7 for managing their important emails, contacts and other email related attributes.

Sometimes, it happens due to some undesired situations like sudden Outlook application turn off and virus infections the PST file created with Outlook application will get damage. The damaged PST file becomes inaccessible in Outlook application and will obviously make you tense about losing important files saved in PST file. To overcome this problem Outlook application is integrated with inbox repair tool well known as ScanPST. This application helps you to repair PST file unable to open in Outlook application. Sometimes inbox Scanpst tool also stops working and will not be able to repair corrupted or damaged Outlook PST. In such situations, make use of PST repair tool to fix Outlook PST file that cannot be repaired using inbox Scanpst tool.

Common PST files corruption scenarios:

  • Sudden Outlook application turn OFF: Usually, while working with Outlook application in Windows 7 PC you may face sudden shut down of Outlook application due to power failure or Outlook application conflicts. In such situations the header file of Outlook PST gets damaged and becomes inaccessible.
  • Interrupted Outlook Synchronization: As PST file works online and synchronizes all attributes from email accounts. While synchronizing if any interruption occurs due to power failure or disconnection of network, then the PST file being synchronized gets damaged.
  • Virus infection: Virus infection is another reason to corrupt PST file. Harmful virus may get in to your system while synchronizing emails and attachments from email accounts. If you PC is unprotected with any advanced antivirus application then, these virus will infect the Outlook PST file and damages it.

Salient features of PST file repair software:

  • This application is inbuilt with a unique PST file repair algorithm that tackles every PST file corruption or damage issues.
  • This unique application repairs both minor and major corrupted PST file and also recovers various attributes of PST file such as email messages, RSS feeds, tasks, contacts, email attachments, notes, calendar dates and many more.
  • This application supports other versions of Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, etc.
  • This application makes use of Outlook browser to provide preview of all repaired Outlook attributes.

Precautions to be followed:

In order to prevent PST file from severe corruption, you have to go through some preventive measures. Stop repeated using of corrupted PST file in Outlook application. Use updated antivirus application to overcome corruption due to virus infection after repairing PST file.