How to Restore Accidentally Formatted Hard Drive

You might come across certain circumstances, where your friend encourages you to reinstall operating system on your system so that your system works much faster with latest features. You get carried away by him and perform reinstallation of operating system on your system. While performing this process, you accidentally formatted your hard drive plus you haven’t taken back up of your files from system. The lost data consist of memorable pictures, songs, videos and other documents. Sometimes, you need to format your logical drive but you unintentionally format USB drive externally connected to your computer.

If you face such issues, no need to worry about losing files from system even after accidental format of hard drive. Here is the best formatted data recovery software that shows you how to recover files after accidental format from computer drives, USB drives or external storage drives. Let’s see few more circumstances, where you can lose files due to accidental format of hard drive.

Circumstances in which drive can be formatted

  • Formatting hard drive to get rid of virus infection: Normally, when your system is severely infected by any of the viruses like Trojan, malware or any other viruses and your system is running very slow than usual. If you are trying third party antivirus tool to remove these nasty viruses and fails to do so. Then there is only option that you have to format your system hard drive. Once formatted, all the data saved on that drive is gone resulting in large data loss.
  • Accidental formatting: Many times, you have an intention to format USB drive, which is externally attached to laptop. But, by mistake you happen to format the laptop logical drive then loss of data is sure and occurs in large scale.
  • Formatting drives when error message: If file system of your external drive is corrupted due to various reasons, then you get an error message.  At this time, you have to format your external drive without any second thought in your mind in order to work properly. This kind of formatting leads to loss of data.

For those who are experiencing the above stated issues, you can use this handy data recovery software to get back your data in organized manner. To know more about this software, watch this tutorial:

Characteristics of Formatted Data Recovery Software

This software thoroughly scans your entire drive for deleted or lost files from formatted hard drive. It assists you to retrieve your files from external devices like memory cards, thumb drives, portable drives, etc after accidentally formatting them. This software is best suited to get back data from partitioned or repartitioned drives. If you have lost your pictures from hard drive after formatting it to get rid of virus, then you can rescue your pictures safely by using this recovery tool. Even when your hard drive is corrupted due to any reason, you are able to perform the recovery process, which restores your files securely from corrupted drive. This application requires small space to install on any Windows and Mac operating systems.