How to Open Raw Hard Drive Without Formatting?

The common issue with the hard disk is that, sometimes the hard disk becomes inaccessible that is RAW without any specific reason. When you face such kind of issue, you realize that all your data is lost if you format the hard drive. RAW hard drive is a state when the file system is corrupted and the Operating system fails to identify the file system of the hard drive and whenever you try to access the disk, you may receive some notification error like “the file system type on disk is in RAW and it is not recognized; Format the disk drive in order to access the data”.

If you encountered with an above error and have to format the RAW drive to access the data. Perhaps, once formatting the drive, the data will be wiped out permanently without throwing them to Recycle Bin and its quite impossible to get back the deleted data back. How to open RAW drive without formatting?

Anxious…? Don’t Upset!!!  If your hard drive turns RAW do not add any new files until and unless you recover the data from hard drive without formatting. To handle such situation, opt for a trusted external Hard drive recovery software to know how to open RAW hard drive without formatting.

This software is designed and developed with a special robust scanning algorithm which scans the entire hard drive indeed to recover the data from the RAW drive. Any kind of files such as audio, videos, images, documents of various formats, etc. can be easily recovered with an ease and helps us to know how to open the RAW hard drive data without formatting.

This software works on Try first: Buy later concept, where one can easily download and install the demo the software. On successful installation, just move few steps forward along with the software to perform the recovery session. The easy to use GUI makes the software more reliable and much compatible, where the non-technical users can perform the recovery session without any level of complexity. Once the software scans and recovers all the data, it allows to preview the restored files. If you are satisfied with the recovery session, later activate the software in order to save the previewed restored files on the desired location.

One could make use of this recovery software to recover the RAW hard drive data without formatting in a few simple mouse clicks. This software has an ability to recover the data from the hard drive of various file system like FAT, EXFAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFSX, HFS+, etc. in a couple of minutes. This application also supports in recovering the data from RAW SD card, RAW USB drives and other media storage devices without formatting.

This toolkit works absolutely fine on all versions of Windows including the Latest Windows 10 version as well as on different Mac volumes.