How to Fix MOV Video File?

MOV is an MPEG-4 video container which is widely accepted video format as it is compatible over many electronic gadgets like smartphones, camcorders, camera, iPods, computer, etc. It contains both audio and video streams in its container. Quick Time player used .mov as file extension. Like other video files format MOV video file also get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons. Then it becomes important for you to repair MOV file which are important for you. Don’t get panicked, you can repair MOV file by using Fix MOV software.

Scenarios behind corruption of MOV video files:

Header Corruption: Header file contains information that makes the MOV file playable. If header gets corrupted due to any reasons then it makes your MOV file inaccessible.

Download Error: While downloading if MOV file gets interrupted due to sudden system shutdown or power failure then your MOV video files get corrupted and become inaccessible.

Virus Attack: If your storage files including MOV files on your system are infected by virus during transferring or using internet then it makes your files inaccessible.

Changing File Extension: When any application doesn’t play .mov video file then users sometime changes the file extension of MOV video file and try to access those file by using different application. As a result, it leads to damage of MOV file.

Application Failure: If we are playing any MOV video file through any media player and suddenly media player application crashes. As a result your MOV files get corrupt and you won’t able to play your MOV file on that media player.

Other Reasons: Incorrect codec, improper recovery of video file using any recovery software, bad sectors, CRC error, terminating MOV file abruptly, etc are some of the other reasons behind MOV file corruption.

Precautionary Measures:

  • In order to compress the MOV video file, always use reliable software.
  • Keep backup of your important MOV files on any storage device to avoid corruption of MOV file.
  • While transferring MOV file avoid any type of interruption.
  • Update your Quick Time Player in order to play latest MOV files.
  • Don’t try to play MOV videos on incompatible media players.

Features of Fix MOV software:

  • This software separates audio and video streams separately, and individually repairs them and merges the repaired audio and video streams to make it healthy playable MOV video file.
  • This software is capable of fixing MOV file on all versions of Windows and Mac.
  • Preview option allows the users to preview the repaired MOV video files and check the efficiency of the software. If they are satisfy with the repaired results then they can upgrade the application with its full version.
  • This software repairs corrupted/damaged MOV, MP4 file that are not playable on Quick time player, VLC media player, Windows media player and so on.
  • This software repairs large sized MOV/ MP4 video files.
  • This software is capable of fixing MOV file on any external media storage device such as external hard drive.