Here Is Technique to Restore USB Files

USB storage device is a small, nonvolatile, removable and rewriteable device, which is mainly used to transfer data from one device to another. With the help of USB devices you can carry your required data from one place to another in case of travelling and can access data in your pen drive using any other PC or laptop by connecting through USB ports. You can choose from various capacity of flash drive available in the market as per your needs.

As these device is normally used with many PCs and laptops, it may get defected by viruses, file system may get corrupt as it may come across various OS, and thus the possibility of data loss in case of USB storage device increases.

Now in the era of technology it became possible to restore the lost files by using reliable third party tools. USB File Recovery is very efficient software which is capable enough to retrieve files from USB.

Data can be lost or deleted from USB due to following reasons

Format: Formatting is an easy and fast way to delete all data with a single click. Sometimes you make think data stored in the USB device is no longer needed, thus you may choose format option and delete all data. Later you get to know that there were some important files but by the time it has been deleted or lost due to format. Sometimes accidental format may happen, if you have connected more than one USB device and want to format one, you may choose wrong USB device.

Virus Attack: This is the most common incident with USB device as it comes across many other systems, which may contain viruses. Virus are small programs which may corrupt the device by changing device properties and thereby makes it inaccessible.

Anti-virus or any third party tools: Different system have different anti-viruses which uses different programs to detect viruses. So some files on the USB storage device may get detected with virus and files will be deleted. Some third party tools which may delete some important files assuming it as junk file.

Improper Ejection: Detaching the device from the system while in process may become the reason for losing data. Without closing all the files in the system if you are detaching the USB storage device, header of the files may get corrupted and files will not be accessible.

Another Reasons: Besides above mentioned reasons there are some more reasons which may responsible for losing files like improper handling of device, System corruption, power surge, etc. In case of file deletion using delete option from USB storage device deleted file doesn’t get stored in recycle bin so you won’t be able to recover lost files easily.

Features of USB File Recovery software

  • Restores the deleted or lost files even from formatted devices.
  • Restore the files which are deleted using shift + delete or command prompt.
  • Available in two versions for Windows as well as for Mac OS.
  • Files can be previewed prior to save option.
  • Recovers more almost all types of file.
  • Save Recovery Session helps to save time, as user can easily resume the recovery process later on, if it requires to be stopped for some reason.
  • Recovers data from USB storage device as well as from hard drives.
  • Identify and restores the files based on their unique signature.

Precautions for reducing the chances of losing files from USB storage device

  • Stop using USB storage device to store new files after losing data.
  • Use good antivirus to remove virus from USB storage device as well as from your system.
  • Always Keep Backup of USB storage device.
  • Detach the USB device after closing all files on system.