File Recovery Software: Restores Files In Few Simple Steps

deleted-filesIn recent years the file loss scenario is quite common due to many reasons and will have a great impact on files irrespective of formats. You may be worried about losing your files permanently. You may also run behind recycle bin in search of lost /deleted files, in case if you have cleared your trash bin too. What to do in such scenarios? How to restore files after deletion?

Deleted files can be easily recovered by using third party recovery tool which successfully restores files after deletion without any data loss.

Procedural steps to restore files after emptied from your trash bin/deleted by command shift delete:

  • Download and install File Recovery Software on your operating system to retrieve lost data emptied from your trash bin or deleted by command shift delete.
  • Launch the application after successful installation then select Recover Files option on the main screen window.
  • In the next screen window, choose either Recover Deleted files or Recover Lost Files option
  • Later select the particular drive to recover files from trash bin and scanning process to recover deleted files from recycle bin will be started, once the scan is done you can preview the retrieved files.
  • Buy the software to save recovered files on your desired path.

 Different reasons behind file loss scenario:

  • Accidental deletion by human mistake might be the major reason to lose a huge amount of data.
  • The combination of Shift delete key or clearing trash bin may also cause the file deletion.
  • Corrupted hard drive scenario/Formatting the hard disk will erase all the files permanently without throwing to trash bin.
  • While transferring data from system to other device and vice versa, an abrupt interruption due to Program crash, power loss or any other bad sectors will result in data loss scenario.
  • If the storage device is infected by Virus/ Malware then it may inaccessible leading to file loss.
  • Sometimes usage of external third party tools may responsible for deletion of files.

Useful features of file recovery tool:

  • This software has a separate installation for Windows and Mac OS to recover deleted/lost files due to various reasons.
  • This software is useful in recovering files after a system crash or any kind of files deleted from a trash bin in few simple steps.
  • Different formats of files can be easily recovered apart from pictures, audios, and videos etc.
  • This software has an ability to restore files after deleting files permanently using shift delete keys.
  • The files/folders from various storage devices like external hard disk, USB drives, SD card, Pen drive etc. can be recovered too.
  • Recovery of FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file system in Windows and HFSX and HFS+ file system on Mac OS can be achieved easily by using this application.