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Easy Ways to Open Recycle Bin Properties in Windows 10

Is there a Recycle Bin for the Windows 10 Desktop? Yes, the Recycle Bin is just there in Windows 10. The wastebasket symbol in the upper-left corner of your Windows 10 desktop is called the Recycle Bin, but we hardly ever notice it. Well, let’s take a closer look at it today in this article and learn some handy ways to open Recycle Bin properties in Windows 10/8.1. What does… Read Article →

This Simple Trick Will Make Your PlayStation 4 A Lot More Zippy

PlayStation 4: This is also the latest model which is launched by Sony which offers advanced graphics and lightening fast performance. Features: Powerful hardware, fast performance and stunning graphics PlayStation Network Watch TV, movies, and listen to music Blu-ray and DVD player Portable gaming device Price-About $300 Storage capacity- 500GB Blue-ray and DVD player Online gamers Portable gaming device Powerful hardware, fast performance and stunning graphics PlayStation Network Watch TV,… Read Article →

How to test your PC for the Skylake bug?

Intel has recognized a bug in some Skylake CPUs which can cause them to lock up under “complex workload conditions” but demonstrate that a fix is on the way. Initially the bug was reported with the Core i7-6700K desktop CPU with Hyper-Threading allowed but Intel’s proof seems to indicate it crashes more CPUs in the lineup. Intel community manager wrote on Intel’s forums that Intel has recognized an issue which… Read Article →

What’s The Future Of Data Storage In 2016?

Nowadays we want peek kinds of storage devices that we will use it in the future. Starting from helium hard drives to DNA digital storage, etc what we looking for large data storage devices. Inventors and researchers maintain to drive the envelope when it comes to capacity, performance, and the physical size of the storage media. Today, Backblaze stores 150 Peta bytes of user data in its data centers, but… Read Article →

Celebrate this Christmas by choosing any of these Graphics cards

At last, Christmas is here. A PC gamer have a lot of options in these festive days especially graphics cards segment. For you, we have selected five graphics cards based on various factors. Main factor perhaps you know, is overclocking. Most of the graphic cards available now can be overclocked up to an extent. Advanced graphic card will come from factory in a pre-overclocked state in order to take advantage… Read Article →

Know More about Latest Tech Trends

Every year there is something new in trends. It is quite easy to identify trends in hindsight.The change from PC centric to mobile in tech industry is quite obvious in terms of retrospect.However it is so risky to take predictions in tech industry since there is change each and every day. Have a look on some of the trends you are looking for upcoming year. Peak Size Screen For past… Read Article →