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How to Recover Deleted Excel Files?

“Hello!! I was deleting unnecessary Excel file from my system, I accidentally deleted some vital Excel file from my system. That deleted Excel file is very much important for me. Can anyone know how to recover deleted Excel Spreadsheet?” If you have encountered with such situations, then don’t get panic as you can recover deleted Excel Spreadsheet with the help of Office File Recovery software. Most of the time, the… Read Article →

File Recovery Software: Restores Files In Few Simple Steps

In recent years the file loss scenario is quite common due to many reasons and will have a great impact on files irrespective of formats. You may be worried about losing your files permanently. You may also run behind recycle bin in search of lost /deleted files, in case if you have cleared your trash bin too. What to do in such scenarios? How to restore files after deletion? Deleted… Read Article →

How To Recover Pictures after Factory Reset?

Many electronics devices such as a computer, laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc. are equipped with a software feature known as a factory reset. This feature removes your entire information on a device as a part of the process of restoring its software to the original manufacturer’s settings. It removes all your files such as videos, audios, documents, etc. that are stored on your internal hard drive of a system. In such case,… Read Article →

Know How to Recover External Hard Drive Data in Effective Way

Usually people store all data and files in system hard drive. But no one can give you guarantee that in future there is no chance of data loss. To short out this problem, many users use external hard drive and stores all there important data as a backup of all internal hard drive files in it. At current market, there are many external drive manufacturing brands are available. Some common… Read Article →

Perform Portable Hard Drive Recovery in Effective Way

Most of the people use Toshiba portable hard drive to store large amount of data for backup purposes. It is developed by Toshiba US based Product Company. If you have stored any important data on Toshiba portable hard drive and your vital data is missing due to any reasons then don’t get panicked. You can easily recover your deleted or lost data from portable hard drive using Portable Drive Recovery… Read Article →

How to Recover Files from Recycle Bin in Windows 8?

“Hi! I am using Windows 8 Operating System in my computer. All my important files and folders were stored in that computer. Yesterday while emptying Recycle Bin, I forget to notice the importance of some files over there. So, it also got deleted. I don’t know, how the Windows 8 Recycle Bin recovery is performed? Somebody please tell me how to regain my deleted files from Recycle Bin? “ The… Read Article →

Know How to Recover Lost/Deleted Files from Western Digital Hard Drive

If you have lost your valuable data or if you have accidentally deleted any files or folders from external Western Digital hard drive. Now are you worried about loss of important data from your Western Digital hard drive. From now on words you don’t need to be tensed, because in internet there are plenty of tools that help in Western Digital recovery. But you have to be careful when choosing… Read Article →

Restore Data of Reformatted Windows Disk

Formatting or reformatting of hard disk happens frequently due to various reasons. On Windows based system, if you have reformatted the hard disk or any particular hard disk partition and due to this phenomenon, you have lost some of your vital files then you may feel frustration. Don’t get frustrated!!! As Windows Recovery Software is one of the most efficient tools available in the market to recover your lost data… Read Article →