Advanced Tool to Repair Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is by far the most popular email application that is being widely used around the world for communication. Whether it may be sending/ reading mails, storing contacts, saving the attached files, creating journals or setting reminders and many such features Microsoft Outlook stands out to be the choice for users. It’s extremely easy to manage all things under one roof using Outlook.

Every attributes in the Outlook is collectively stored in a single file that is called as PST (Personal Storage Table). PST file communicates effectively with Microsoft exchange server to carry out functionalities of MS Outlook. You can also access Outlook when Exchange server is down by using offline mode, which is a standalone application. Offline folder is named as OST (Offline Storage Table)

At some critical this shared and multi user application will worry you a lot. As there may be instances where you might lose access to your Outlook profile, which means the PST or OST file have been damaged. And you will start receiving various kinds of errors depending on the situation. You might try different approaches to overcome this errors and nothing might help you at these situations. In such cases you can repair Outlook data with the help of a professional Outlook repair tool named Fix PST Tool. Let us look at the various that causes damage to the Outlook data file.

  • Abrupt shutdown: Abruptly shut down of the system like in case of power surge while Outlook file is running in background.
  • Improper termination of Outlook: If you have not closed the Outlook profile profiles before shutting down the system then PST file may get corrupted.
  • Improper sync: If the OST file is not properly synchronized with exchange server, it will throw errors while trying to access the profile.
  • Internet connectivity problems: In case the internet speed is too low or network connection fails during conversion of OST to PST file this will make the OST file corrupted.
  • Other reasons: Your PST & OST files can get corrupted also due to harmful viruses or if the file size exceeds the limit.

If you are largely depending on Outlook to send and receive all your mails and mange things like contacts, tasks, journals, files attached and other personal folders then you might think that you are on the deepest troubles under circumstances as mentioned above. As you might lose access to the Outlook profiles due to PST or OST file damage. In such situations the normal choice for users using latest versions of Outlook is Scan PST tool i.e. Scanpst.exe an inbuilt with Outlook. It might work on many occasions but there is risk involved in that. Scan PST tries to repair a damaged PST file by modifying the source fil itself. In case, if it couldn’t complete the process perfectly this will lead to further damage of PST or OST files. This drawback of Scan PST is fixed by one of most recommended tools to repair Outlook data file named Fix PST File software.

Fix PST File software is a professional application that is built for the purpose of repairing Outlook data files i.e. PST and OST. This Outlook repair tool allows users to fix PST file and recovers all deleted emails, contacts, journals, RSS feeds, calendar items, reminders, etc. Using this Outlook repair tool user can renovate PST as well as OST files from various versions of Microsoft Outlook i.e. Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2000, etc. It is compatible to work with Windows operating system versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and other versions. By using this version you can easily recover encrypted OST and PST files.