What’s The Future Of Data Storage In 2016?

Nowadays we want peek kinds of storage devices that we will use it in the future. Starting from helium hard drives to DNA digital storage, etc what we looking for large data storage devices.blog-future-header-3

Inventors and researchers maintain to drive the envelope when it comes to capacity, performance, and the physical size of the storage media. Today, Backblaze stores 150 Peta bytes of user data in its data centers, but in the future, they will expected to store an almost incomprehensible amount of data zettabytes if not Domegemegrotte bytes. A petabyte is equal to 1 million GB, a Zetta byte equals 1 million Peta bytes, and a domegemegrotte byte equals 1,000 zetta bytes. With the human race creating and saving an exponential quantity of data, as this is a great thing for the future for data storage device.

Helium Drives

  • Helium-filled hard drives are typically filled with air
  • Few months back Western Digital announced 10TB hard drive
  • Recently Seagate announced 8TB air-filled hard drive, the largest hard drive at the time
  • By using helium instead of air, helium filled hard drives use a lesser amount of power to spin the disks
  • They run cooler and can pack in more disks

Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR)

  • It has recording technology which has helium-filled drives
  • It allows for higher capacity on hard drives than traditional storage methods of drives
  • Seagate introduced the first SMR hard drive in 2014 that improved the hard drive density by 25 percent.
  • Its drive only has a 5,900 rpm spindle speedhard-disk-roadmap


  • It offers storage density of 2.2 Peta bytes per gram

Other Futuristic Storage Technologies

  • On Holographic data storage, Scientists are working on it from no less than a decade.
  • Holographic discs storage has DVD sized disks that can store 500GB of data
  • These discs has quite long lifespan of 30 or more years
  • Scientists are also investigating to store data based upon quantum psychics which store large amount of data in very short amount of time.