Perform Portable Hard Drive Recovery in Effective Way

Most of the people use Toshiba portable hard drive to store large amount of data for backup purposes. It is developed by Toshiba US based Product Company. If you have stored any important data on Toshiba portable hard drive and your vital data is missing due to any reasons then don’t get panicked. You can easily recover your deleted or lost data from portable hard drive using Portable Drive Recovery software.

Before recovering Toshiba portable hard drive, let’s just go through some of the reasons that are responsible for data loss:

Mishandling of Portable Disk: During transferring of files from Toshiba portable hard drive to system or vice-versa, if you abruptly remove the portable hard drive then data inside the drive may get damaged or corrupt. As a result, you will not access the data from the damaged portable drive.

Accidental Formatting: You may format the external hard drive instead of formatting system hard drive or any storage device that are connected to your system which results in huge data loss.

Shutdown of System: While transferring any files from computer to any secondary storage device like Toshiba portable hard drive or vice-versa, if your system shutdown suddenly then you may lose data.

Defrag Errors: Your important may get deleted, if any error occurs during the defragmentation process of any storage device like Toshiba external hard disk.

 File Transfer Errors: If file is getting transferred from external hard disk to system or vice versa and in middle of the transfer process if any interruption occurs then there is a high possibility of deletion of files from it.

Other Reasons:  Using third party tool, virus attacks, etc also leads to deletion of files from Toshiba portable hard drive.

If you are facing above mentioned scenarios then you can make use of Portable Drive Recovery software to get back the deleted or lost data from Toshiba portable hard drive within few mouse clicks. This is the most trusted and tested software across the entire globe for portable hard drives data recovery.

Features of Portable Drive Recovery software:

  • This software performs portable hard drive recovery from Toshiba as well as from different brands of portable hard drive such as SanDisk, Seagate, Samsung, Transcend, Iomega, Kingston, etc.
  • It recovers files from Toshiba portable hard drive that are deleted, lost, formatted, reformatted, etc.
  • You can easily view the recovered data once the Toshiba portable hard drive is over. If user is satisfied with the recovery results then you can save the recovered data on your desired location after activating the full version of the software.
  • This software performs portable hard drive recovery on both Windows and Mac operating system.
  • This software is capable of recovering data from RAW external hard drive.
  • Save Recovery Session is present which is very much useful for the users, as the user doesn’t need to re-scan the drive further.
  • It scans the entire Toshiba portable hard drive to identify and retrieve file formats of all major file types such as videos, audios, pictures, documents, etc.