Know More about Latest Tech Trends

Every year there is something new in trends. It is quite easy to identify trends in hindsight.The change from PC centric to mobile in tech industry is quite obvious in terms of retrospect.However it is so risky to take predictions in tech industry since there is change each and every day. Have a look on some of the trends you are looking for upcoming year.

Peak Size Screen

For past few years,its been a trend of having smartphones of large screen. The size of the mobile phones increases day by day. Last year Apple also realized the consequence and introduced iphone 6S and 6S plus with large screen. Although the pockets cant accommodate so the size of smartphones become stabilized.

Improvement in battery life

The life of battery was continuously decreases due to larger screens and speedier processors. Now steps are taken in order to improve and extend battery life of smartphones. The chemical engineering does not Moore’s Law unlike the processing speed of computers. Lots of steps are taken but in year 2016, it seems to have improvement in battery life with the introduction of new technology called nano yolk and solid-state batteries. It offers faster charging and more capacity to the batteries. In recent time, Qualcomm has announced an innovative Quick Charge 3.0 which can charge a phone from 0 to 80 percent within half an hour. It will be available in market from next year.

Virtual reality goes mainstream

Since the dawn of PC age, virtual reality handsets are the staple of future. In 2016, Oculus Rift will be at high tide which lifted boats in the VR harbor. The competitors and partners all arriving at the same time. Except Oculus Rift which appears with educational, science and gaming application there are several other options to choose. Some of the well known competitors are Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR that offers same experience.

Laptops and desktops become marginalized

It is very rough slide for the traditional computers. You can attribute this to the sudden rise in smartphones and tablets. The increase in longevity of the older computers which do not become obsolete after couple of year leads to downfall in selling of laptops and computers. The year 2015 seems as slump in sales of laptops and PCs with the introduction of enormous   tablets such as iPad Pro, the Samsung Galaxy View, and Surface Pro tablets.