How to test your PC for the Skylake bug?

Intel has recognized a bug in some Skylake CPUs which can cause them to lock up under “complex workload conditions” but demonstrate that a fix is on the way. Initially the bug was reported with the Core i7-6700K desktop CPU with Hyper-Threading allowed but Intel’s proof seems to indicate it crashes more CPUs in the lineup.

Intel community manager wrote on Intel’s forums that Intel has recognized an issue which potentially affects the 6th Generation Intel Core family of products. This type of issue occurs when under some complex workload conditions like when running applications encountered like Prime95. In such case, the processor may hang o may cause irregular system activities. Intel has recognized and released a fix and is working with external business associates to find the fix arranged through BIOS.” The bug seems that it has been stewing for weeks on forums at and then that formed the software, Prime95 which is used to persuade the bug. Prime95 is used to get the prime numbers and is also very great with the performance.

How to test for the Skylake bug

  • First of all download Prime95 version 28.7 from Mersenne95 and decompress the file into a folder.

Note: For the latest version of Prime95, you need to tell the list to use AVX instructions by creating a text file called “local.txt”.

  • Using Notepad, you need to create a text file in the folder. You can do such things by just clicking in the right of the Prime 95 folder and then select New and go to Text document.
  • You have to give the title to the text document”local.txt”
  • Once the file is created, double click it to open with notepad and type the line CpuSupportsFMA3=0.
  • Now save the file in the same folder.
  • Start Prime95 by double-clicking on the Prime95.exe. Dismiss the dialog by clicking on the Just Stress Testing.
  • Just skip and choose “Just Stress Testing.”
  • A dialog box will come into view to Run a Torture Test
  • Choose Custom and change the Min FFT size (in K) to 768
  • Click on Run FFs in place and also put the run time to 120 min. or longer
  • Click on OK then it will start the Torture Test.
  • Now wait for some minutes and see if it locks up
  • Most of the troubles seem to occur with the top end desktop Core i7-6700K but Intel seems to be involving which occurs on other CPUs.